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A Spectacular Health Transformation!

When Trina came to see me for her  first consultation on August 13, 2012, she was in poor  health. She said she wanted my help with hypothyroidism. She had been diagnosed hypothyroid about a year before and began taking Synthroid (thyroid replacement hormone). Despite improvements on her blood tests, she wasn't feeling any better. Actually, she hadn't felt well in years. Trina had many and varied symptoms, including fatigue, "serious digestive symptoms", and inability to lose weight, to name a few. She also had  pneumonia for the past month.

Katrina- Before.jpg

Trina August 2012

 I did a thorough evaluation of Trina, including detailed history, in-office examination, symptom questionnaires, and many laboratory tests. Within four days we had some lab test results back and had our second consultation. The lab tests revealed several important things, including the fact that Trina's thyroid condition was autoimmune in nature. Her thyroid hormones were actually out of balance, including an elevated reverse T3, (this is not correctable with hormone replacement). Not surprisingly, Trina had a lot of inflammation. She also had signs of pancreatitis and insulin resistance. She was sensitive to gluten. Trina tested positive for the MTHFR genetic mutation, which impairs the body's production of the active form of folate. Active folate is essential for the ubiquitous biochemical process of methylation.  I recommended dietary changes, nutritional supplements (including 5-MTHF to address the genetic mutation), and exercise for Trina.

A few weeks later, we had our third consultation. This one was over the internet and telephone as Trina had returned home to the Bahamas (my office is in New York). Additional laboratory tests gave us a lot more to work on. We identified additional food sensitivities, many nutrient deficiencies, malabsorption, intestinal yeast excess, leaky gut syndrome, and mercury toxicity.

Trina's program involved dietary modification to accomplish several things, including removal of foods her immune system was reacting to. She took multiple nutritional supplements to correct nutrient deficiencies, aid mercury detoxification, improve insulin sensitivity,  improve different aspects of gastrointestinal function, heal her leaky gut, and improve the autoimmune process. Additionally, I recommended Trina have her amalgam (mercury-containing) dental fillings removed and replaced with different material. Since she was mercury-toxic we wanted to remove an ongoing source of mercury exposure, which she did.

Trina was disciplined with her new lifestyle. She stuck with her dietary plan, took her nutritional supplements, and began exercising for the first time. Trina came to see me for follow-up evaluation last week. I was amazed with her transformation.

We checked Trina's weight, body composition, and waist and hip measurements on the first visit and again last week.

                         August 13, 2012                April 23, 2013

Body weight:     187.25 lbs.                         130.75 lbs.

Waist:                   36.5 inches                        27.5 inches

Hips:                    46.5 inches                       37.25 inches

Body fat %:         44.1%                                18.9%

Body fat lbs:       82.7 lbs.                            24.8 lbs.

Trina's body composition changes over 8 months

Although Trina still has some symptoms we are working to resolve, she has had tremendous improvements. Inability to lose weight is obviously no longer a problem for Trina. She lost 57.9 pounds of fat! Last August, Trina was in acute digestive distress. Now her digestion is fine. She has also had good improvement of fatigue, insomnia, dry skin, mood, and memory.

Trina weight trains three days a week. She goes running at 4:45 am three days a week. When Trina came to see me, she was unable to run the 100 yard length of her driveway. Now she can run 12 kilometers!  

 August 2012                                                      April 2013

Trina is a great example of what can be accomplished when thorough appropriate evaluation is combined with a scientifically-tailored therapeutic lifestyle and supplement program. Discipline, resolve, and execution are essential elements supplied by the individual. Congratulations Trina.