Case Studies

Learn how Dr. Debé's unique approach to health, that personalizes evaluation and treatment for each individual, can reverse even the most difficult, chronic conditions.

Case #1, Susan

Symptoms/Conditions: Fatigue, Stress , Diarrhea, Belching, Gas, Abdominal pain,  Bloating, Constipation, Heartburn, Hair loss, Inability to lose weight, Carbohydrate cravings, Excessive hunger, Headaches,  Dizziness,  Confusion,  Mood swings, Anxiety,  Depression,  Poor memory, Sinus congestion,  Rapid heartbeat,  Joint pain (spine, knee, bunion),  Acne


Susan had never felt well...until now. She consulted Dr. Debé with a multitude of seemingly unrelated symptoms, which were not being helped by the seven medications she was taking. A functional medicine evaluation and tailored natural treatment program produced remarkable improvement in just four weeks.