You Have Control Over Your Health Destiny

Dr. Debé is a board certified nutritionist specializing in developing scientifically-tailored diet, supplement and lifestyle programs.

Special Tests

The foundation of Dr. Debé's approach is the integratio n o f a new class of laboratory tests with personalized lifestyle modification and natural therapies. These new evaluation procedures, by "asking a different question", provide insight into the functional integrity of the individual’s physiology.

Tailored Programs

With your personal health goals in mind, and the data from these various evaluation procedures, Dr. Debé then devises a treatment strategy. The options are numerous and the program is very flexible. Each individual’s program is customized based upon his or her health goals, unique physiology, genetic proclivities, and other personal factors.

Meet Your Health Goals

Ultimately, you decide what steps you are willing to take in furthering your health. Whatever your health goals are, we are here to support you in their attainment.

Satisfied clients

  • A couple of years ago, I discovered Dr. Debé's website through an internet search. I had been to several doctors for symptoms ranging from fatigue to lack of energy and overall joy in life but to no avail. Dr. Debé introduced me to the ASI and we discovered a case of severe adrenal fatigue. He suggested an innovative protocol and within 2-3 weeks, I improved dramatically. As time passed, Dr. Debé fine-tuned the protocol, with latest cutting edge supplement and exercise support, as well as innovative tests such as mineral analysis and liver detox testing, which helped immensely in diagnosing issues such as deficient liver sulfation, which were treated adequately within a couple of months. To this time, I regularly consult with Dr. Debé as he keeps on adding to his repertoire of treatments and innovations. I would strongly recommend anyone who would like to solve a chronic issue or just improve their quality of life to Dr. Debé's practice. Sitting 7000 miles away in Pakistan, I had lost hope of ever recovering until I started Dr. Debé's treatment.


    Irfan Ali
    Islamabd, Pakistan

  • I consulted Dr. Debé for poor digestion and eczema, which I had developed years ago. I had previously seen another nutritionist but didn’t make any progress.

    Dr. Debé had me do a comprehensive test called an Individualized Optimal Nutrition profile. This test found I was low in many vitamins and the reasons for my digestive symptoms. 

    The dietary program and nutritional supplements I used based on this test have totally improved my digestion and my eczema is 95% better.


    Jim Schroeder

  • When I started with Dr. Debé, I was suffering from poor digestion. I was having bloating and pain after meals. I was tired a lot also. My focus was not good. I had an overall feeling of sickness. Dr. Debé did a series of tests on me, finding I had some imbalances: high blood sugar, low thyroid hormones, low cortisol, and high mercury levels. 

    Dr. Debé took a lot of concern in developing a supplement and dietary program to combat these deficiencies. I started feeling better immediately.

    When I had been retested, there was a marked change for the better. I was no longer diabetic. In a few months, all my symptoms were gone and I weaned off most of the supplements I had been taking I am a personal trainer and believe that what you put into life reflects what you get out. I was fortunate to have met Joe Debé. He has a wonderful work ethic and made it easy for me to accomplish my goals.

    Ken LaGrega, Certified Personal Trainer
    Smithtown, N.Y.

  • Thanks for helping me take the 15 pounds back off after my injury. It was easy for me to lose the weight because I wasn't hungry due to the combination of diet and supplements. You didn't give me a diet, you gave me a new way of life!

    Randi Hertzberg
    Children's Fitness Entertainer and Certified Aerobic Instructor

  • I am down 42 pounds and 9 inches in the waist. Dr. Debé’s testing showed I have lost all my weight in body fat, none from muscle. Thanks to the supplements that Dr. Debé gave me, I am now able to go into a supermarket without feeling the necessity to raid the cupcake boxes.


  • Dr. Debé’s program not only helped me lose 30 pounds, but my cholesterol dropped 103 points...and all in just three months!

    Joseph Marcinek
    Martial Artists Black Belt