Are you toxic?

Our Toxic Environment


"Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems facing humanity today", states Alan McGowan, president of the Scientists’ Institute for Public Information. Similarly, in an article entitled Global Change, scientist George M. Woodwell reported that scientists around the world believe that human activities are threatening the biosphere, the thin layer on the surface of the earth where life occurs. The biosphere maintains an incredible richness and variety of life, including human life, yet in the final part of the century humans are destroying the natural system upon which life depends.

After living for thousands and thousands of years in chemical balance, mankind, in the last hundred years has literally changed the chemistry of our environment through the progressive poisoning of nature with the chemical by-products of modern agriculture, industry, power generation, and transportation. The chemical changes these poisons cause are not confined to areas of local release. Scientists have found evidence of pollution every where on earth, from the largest cities to the remote and isolated South Pole.

To give you an example of the quantity of poison we are exposed to each year, consider the following amounts released into the environment in 1989 alone:

  • Over 550,000,000 pounds of industrial chemicals were dumped into public sewage storage.
  • More than 1,000,000,000 pounds of chemicals were released into the ground, threatening our natural ground water sources.
  • Over 188,000,000 pounds of chemicals were discharged into surface waters, i.e. lakes and rivers.
  • More than 2,400,000,000 pounds of air emissions were pumped into the atmosphere.

The grand total of chemical pollutants released into the environment was 5,705,670,380 pounds. That is enough to fill a line of semi-trailers parked bumper to bumper and having a cargo capacity of 45,000 pounds each, stretching from downtown Los Angeles to Des Moines, Iowa!


Toxins in Our Food

In the United States, we allow 10,000 food and chemical additives into our food supply. The average American eats about fourteen pounds of additives a year. In addition to colorings, preservatives, flavorings, emulsifiers, humectants, and antimicrobials, we consume on average 120 pounds of sugar and eight pounds of salt.


Internal Pollution

With the number of bacteria in the colon being estimated at 10,000,000,000 per gram of fecal material, it is suggested that we have a greater number of bacteria than we have human cells. These bacteria release byproducts; some of which have healthful effects while others can be toxic.


Our Health May Be Adversely Affected!

Consider the example of Mr. Thomas Latimer, as reported in the Wall Street Journal. Hours after treating his lawn with a pesticide, he experienced dizziness, nausea, and a pounding headache that intensified. Despite extensive medical care, he continued to get worse and now suffers from visual and concentration difficulties, speech impairment, nightmares, brain seizures and takes anti, epileptic medication. He no longer rides a bike and even has difficulty walking. The collective medical opinion was that an anti-ulcer medicine he was taking suppressed his liver’s ability to detoxify the pesticide he was exposed to. With his natural defenses compromised, the poison carried out a potent and ongoing attack on his nervous system.

Mr. Latimer is not the only victim. Recent estimates suggest that each year there are 3,000,000 severe pesticide poisonings with 220,000 deaths worldwide. Pesticide-related illnesses in the United States are estimated to occur between 150,000 and 300,000 times a year. This situation begs an important question! What can we do to protect ourselves from the damaging effects caused by toxins in our environment, food, or even internal pollution?

Adequate Nutrition is Essential for Effective Detoxification

The body goes through a continuous cycle of activity in an effort to protect itself from the adverse effects of toxicity. This detoxification cycle is critically dependent on adequate nutrition. As toxins enter the body special nutrients are available to activate specific enzymes that transform toxins into water-soluble substances that can be excreted. Nutrients also protect the body from some of the damage the toxins may cause.


An alarming trend has developed in the last two decades; people may not be adequately nourished by the average American diet. After analyzing over 15,000 people, one study reported that "84% of the subjects are consuming sub-optimal diets with regard to one or more of the seventeen nutrients evaluated."


Nutritional Support is Available

We offer a scientifically designed program to help clear the body of unhealthful toxins. It provides simple, yet specific dietary guidelines in combination with a complete and nutritionally balanced beverage containing a blend of the essential nutrients associated with detoxification pathways. Could this program help you? Find out! Take this test:


Toxicity Self Test


Please print out this page to take the test below:

Rate each of the following Symptoms based on your health profile for the past 30 days:


0 = never or almost never have the symptoms 

1 = occasionally have it, effect is not severe 

2 = occasionally have it, effect is severe 

3 = frequently have it, effect is not severe 

4 = frequently have it, effect is severe



__ Nausea or vomiting

__ Diarrhea

__ Constipation

__ Bloated feeling

__ Belching, passing gas

__ Heartburn

__  = Total



__ Itchy ears

__ Earaches, ear infection

__ Drainage from ear

__ Ringing in ears, hearing loss

__ = Total



__ Mood swings

__ Anxiety, fear, nervousness

__ Anger, irritability

__ Depression

__ = Total



__ Fatigue, sluggishness

__ Apathy, lethargy

__ Hyperactivity

__ Restlessness

__ = Total



__ Watery, itchy eyes

__ Swollen, reddened or sticky eyelids

__ Dark circles under eyes

__ Blurred/tunnel vision

__ = Total



__ Headaches

__ Faintness

__ Dizziness

__ Insomnia

__ = Total



__ Chest congestion

__ Asthma, bronchitis

__ Shortness of breath

__ Difficulty breathing

__ = Total



__ Poor memory

__ Confusion

__ Poor concentration

__ Poor coordination

__ Difficulty making decisions

__ Slurred speech

__ Learning disabilities

__ = Total



__ Chronic coughing

__ Gagging, frequent need to clear throat

__ Sore throat, hoarse

__ Swollen or discolored tongue, gums, lips

__ Canker sores

__ = Total



__ Stuffy nose

__ Sinus problems

__ Hay fever

__ Sneezing attacks

__ Excessive mucus

__ = Total



__ Acne

__ Hives, rashes, dry skin

__ Hair loss

__ Flushing or hot flashes

__ = Total



__ Skipped heartbeats

__ Rapid heartbeats

__ Chest pain

__ Excessive sweating

__ = Total



__ Pain or arches in joints

__ Arthritis

__ Stiffness, limited movement

__ Pain, aches in muscles

__ Feeling of weakness or tiredness

__ = Total



__ Binge eating/drinking

__ Craving certain foods

__ Excessive weight

__ Compulsive eating

__ Water retention

__ Underweight

__ = Total



__ Frequent illness

__ Frequent or urgent urination

__ Genital itch, discharge

__ = Total


___ = Grand Total


Add up the numbers to arrive at a total for each section then add the totals for each section to arrive at the grand total. If any individual section total is ten or more, or the grand total is fifty or more, you may benefit from a detoxification program. Ask us for the details!