Comprehensive Detoxification Profile

Toxicity is a significant factor in chronic unwellness. Toxins include not only chemical exposure from air, food, and water, but also metabolic waste products of organisms within the gastrointestinal tract or other tissues. Chemical compounds naturally produced by the body, as part of metabolism can also become toxic when they accumulate beyond a certain concentration. The Comprehensive Liver Detoxification Profile gives detailed information about the body's ability to process toxins, its current load of toxins and free radicals, and the status of its antioxidant defense system. This test involves analysis of saliva, urine, and blood specimens after "challenging" the body to detoxify caffeine, Tylenol, and aspirin. The body's detoxification of these compounds is representative of the most important detoxification pathways. Results from this test allow for recommendation of specific nutrients and foods to improve detoxification.