Dawn: Overcoming Chronic Fatigue

A thorough conventional work-up by the Mayo Clinic could not find any explanation for Dawn's disabling fatigue. Special functional medicine testing helped Dr. Debé identify the nutritional and metabolic causes of Dawn's fatigue and chemical sensitivities. Dawn is proof that people can be helped with their health "long distance" and that functional medicine is the best approach for chronic conditions.

Mary: Neurological Condition and GERD

Mary has had complete recovery from impaired walking ability, numbness, fatigue, poor balance, brain fog, headaches, as well as gastroesophageal reflux, and other symptoms by following a metabolically-tailored diet and supplement program. Doctors had told her she may never know what was wrong with her and that perhaps it was a genetic condition. Genes do indeed predispose to chronic health conditions but lifestyle and environment are usually more important factors. Computerized analysis of blood work led to the conclusion that what she was eating was the cause of much of her problem.

Marina: 20 Years of Fatigue & Unwellness Solved!

Marina has not felt well for 20 years despite seeing a number of doctors. She tried antidepressants without benefit. One doctor thought she had a thyroid problem but the thyroid hormone prescription made her more tired and anxious. Marina has been suffering with exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety, depression, poor concentration and memory, muscle aches, PMS, bloating, constipation, food cravings, bleeding gums, and cold intolerance. Thorough evaluation, including new specialized functional medicine lab tests, has uncovered significant abnormalities that had not been previously investigated. Tailored diet, lifestyle, and nutritional supplements have Marina feeling much better after just a few weeks!

Celia: Hypothyroidism

Suffering with Hashimoto's (Autoimmune) Hypothyroidism, Celia hadn't felt well for decades...until now. Metabolically-tailored nutrition, based on special laboratory tests, has helped Celia overcome fatigue, pain, bloating, insomnia, and hot flashes.

Gerry: Ulcerative Colitis

After suffering with terrible symptoms of ulcerative colitis for more than 30 years, Gerry is now symptom-free! A new special lab test uncovered the underlying causes of Gerry's condition.

Denise: Hyperthyroidism & COPD

A metabolically-tailored nutrition and supplement program, based on results of special nutritional-metabolic laboratory tests, is helping Denise overcome debilitating symptoms of autoimmune hyperthyroidism (Grave's disease) and COPD.

Susan: Diabetes

Susan was morbidly obese and her diabetes was out of control despite using insulin and other medications. She has made amazing progress through her disciplined application of a therapeutic lifestyle program. Her Hemoglobin A1C dropped from 15.8 to 6.4 and she got off insulin.


Sharon: IBS

Sharon had suffered for years with irritable bowel syndrome, consulting 6 gastroenterologists but getting no help. Special lab tests uncovered the source of her trouble and led to successful treatment.

Meropi: Hypothyroid signs & symptoms disappearing in 4 weeks

Meropi has been unable to lose any weight despite dedication to diet and exercise. She also has been experiencing fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety, mood swings, poor memory, water retention, abdominal pain, eczema, palpitations, and tingling in arms and legs. Computerized analysis of comprehensive blood tests uncovered previously missed important abnormalities, including elevated thyroid antibodies. After 3 and a half weeks of special diet and supplement recommendations everything is starting to change.

Charlie: Asthma and Anxiety

Only 2 weeks into a metabolically-tailored diet and supplement program, Charlie has seen huge improvements in his asthma and anxiety.

Kenny: IBS and Diabetes

Metabolically-tailored diet and supplements helped Ken cure his irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes.

I am 18 years old and just graduated from high school. I have had dietary problems the last four years of my life, it seems as if the bathroom was a second home to me. No matter what I ate I would have the same issues at the same time every single day. 

I've gone to many doctors and specialists; however, they all ran tests the same as Dr. Debé, but instead they just jumped straight to "oh you probably have this disorder" or "here take this pill". They never really knew what was going on. 

Dr. Debé figured out exactly what was wrong with only a couple tests and phone calls, yes I said phone calls because I'm completely on the other side of the country. I wish I would have made that phone call four years ago because I've never felt so great. I recommend him to every person I know, he made the impossible possible. 

He's a super hero!


Student Athlete                                                                                                                                                        San Jose, CA 

When I first consulted Dr. Debé in February 2004, I was having symptoms that were disrupting my everyday life. I was experiencing episodes of dizziness, fatigue, visual disturbances, and difficulty concentrating. This happened everyday and I would also sweat, panic, and turn pale white. I would have to eat and then I would fall asleep. These episodes happened if I went more than an hour and a half without eating. I even had momentary blackouts while driving home from work.


These episodes had been bad for several years by the time I met Dr. Debé. I had already seen many doctors. I saw several general practitioners, a heart doctor, a psychiatrist, and a neurologist. None of these doctors had an explanation for my episodes. There examinations and testing found nothing wrong with me. They were unable to help me.


Although my other doctors had done blood tests, Dr. Debé did some special testing that none of my other doctors had done. He found the problem! Dr. Debé told me that I had elevated levels of ammonia.


He gave me a nutritional supplement to help my body detoxify the ammonia. It is called Alpha KG Plus. It worked! Soon after starting the Alpha KG Plus, my episodes stopped!


I have run out of Alpha KG Plus several times since I started taking it. Each time I ran out, the episodes returned. When I started taking it again, the episodes disappeared. Now I make sure to stock extra bottles of Alpha KG Plus so that I don’t run out.

Jason Skidmore


When I became a patient of Dr. Joseph Debé’s I had previously sought help for PMS through several other doctors within three years. These other doctors were medical doctors, but were not able to help me like Dr. Debé has. Two of these previous doctors used some of the same tests that Dr. Debé used with me but were unable to interpret my results with the accuracy that Dr. Debé has. Following Dr. Debé’s suggestions and taking the recommended supplements, the PMS I used to experience has completely vanished. This is a miracle to me. I always thought my PMS could perhaps be improved by the right nutritional supplements, but I never thought the worst part of PMS (the emotional fragility and irritability) could be eliminated within a matter of weeks. Thanks to Dr. Debé, and his incredible knowledge, I no longer dread this time of the month; I’m calm, I’m patient with my children and I’m not bloated, irritated or overly emotional.


But besides Dr. Debé’s knowledge of nutrition and the intricate biochemistry of the body, he is the nicest doctor I’ve ever known. He is extremely patient, and I think he truly has a desire to help. Dr. Debé is never in a rush like most health care professionals are these days – he is professional, yet friendly, and quite impressively, he is able to help me understand, in layman’s terms, what is actually going on in my body and why he suggests certain supplements. I come away from my consultations with him completely comprehending everything. It’s like a nutrition lesson (one that’s enjoyable). Instead of being just told to take something, he explains the reasons why, and I appreciate that.


I knew very quickly Dr. Debé was a different kind of health care professional. I truly believe that because of his knowledge, experience and scientific approach to restoring health, that given the opportunity, he could uncover the root causes of many illnesses.


S. M.

A couple of years ago, I discovered Dr. Debé's website through an internet search. I had been to several doctors for symptoms ranging from fatigue to lack of energy and overall joy in life but to no avail. Dr. Debé introduced me to the ASI and we discovered a case of severe adrenal fatigue. He suggested an innovative protocol and within 2-3 weeks, I improved dramatically. As time passed, Dr. Debé fine-tuned the protocol, with latest cutting edge supplement and exercise support, as well as innovative tests such as mineral analysis and liver detox testing, which helped immensely in diagnosing issues such as deficient liver sulfation, which were treated adequately within a couple of months. To this time, I regularly consult with Dr. Debé as he keeps on adding to his repertoire of treatments and innovations. I would strongly recommend anyone who would like to solve a chronic issue or just improve their quality of life to Dr. Debé's practice. Sitting 7000 miles away in Pakistan, I had lost hope of ever recovering until I started Dr. Debé's treatment.


Irfan Ali
Islamabd, Pakistan

I am a 48 year old female, who in April 2004 was plagued with Extreme Fatigue and was unable to function both at work and at home. I also had stomach pain, episodes of constipation and diarrhea, recurrent sinusitis, and sensitivity to exhaust fumes, carpets, perfumes, and chemical odors. In early Spring 2004, I visited my primary care physician and had blood work done. The results appeared to be normal and my physician’s recommendation was that I might possibly be depressed. He asked me to consider taking anti-depressants. Instinctively, I knew that this was not the issue that was creating my fatigue and decided to seek alternative therapy.


Through extensive research I came in contact with Dr. Joseph Debé during the fall of 2004. The first thing Dr. Debé recommended was to take a series of targeted blood tests. These results of these tests determined that I had adverse reactions to milk, egg, soy, and grains, intestinal yeast overgrowth, low thyroid hormone, and deficiencies of many nutrients including every single mineral, which directly impacted my overall health.


After following a program, that Dr. Debé suggested, which was a combination of appropriate supplements and dietary changes, today, November 10, 2006, I am feeling much better and have a renewed positive outlook for my health and future.


Albertson, N.Y.

I consulted Dr. Debé for poor digestion and eczema, which I had developed years ago. I had previously seen another nutritionist but didn’t make any progress.

Dr. Debé had me do a comprehensive test called an Individualized Optimal Nutrition profile. This test found I was low in many vitamins and the reasons for my digestive symptoms. 

The dietary program and nutritional supplements I used based on this test have totally improved my digestion and my eczema is 95% better.


Jim Schroeder

Dr. Debé sent me to get a gastrointestinal panel, based on his understanding of elevated cortisol and GI infection. I have elevated cortisol, based on lab results. An article of Dr. Debé’s on the web was the only one among months of reading web articles on elevated cortisol that suggested a connection between elevated cortisol and my GI problems. When I consulted with him, he strongly recommended the GI panel.

The test revealed 5 GI parasites or infectious bacteria, and 4 food allergies The results, and the treatment, which included avoidance of certain foods suggested by the panel results, produced a dramatic improvement. That improvement is the first really major change in a pattern of GI distress, lack of sleep, lethargy, and depression that had been growing progressively worse for many (30) years, since my early 30ties, until I could no longer work. 

Here is how well Dr. Debé succeeded when other specialists did not. By the mid 90ties my symptoms had progressed to the point where I had given up my career as a city planner in Washington, DC, and moved back with my family to where I grew up in Connecticut. In trying to solve the problems, I had gone to 4 of the best GI doctors in DC, including the head of the GI Department of George Washington University. I was also the subject of a post-doc dissertation supervised by a research specialist in IBS at Johns Hopkins. None of this yielded any benefits, other than a conclusion that seeing GI specialists wasn’t helping. By 2005, I was so lethargic I could not even consistently work as a handyman. I spent endless days on the web. I tried thyroid specialists, a new GI doctor, and others. 

Finally, I found someone who could help. He understood the connection between high cortisol and GI problems. I would have kept pursuing possible causes like rare thyroid diseases and Vitamin D therapies because I had no other choice.

Dr. Debé saved me more years of depression and acute lethargy.


Patrick H. Hare
Cornwall, CT.

Dr. Debé has been a blessing to my health since my first visit with him.

I was in my mid-fifties and very upset with my muscles decreasing and my skin and body aging rapidly. The simple saliva (lab) test he recommended showed the “DHEA” hormone deficiency. Supplementation with the hormone took care of the problem. As a professional ex body builder, he also gave me an effective exercise program. Some years later, after publishing his “Creatine-The Ultimate Book”, he added this hormone to my program. It very noticeably improved my muscles and my mental alertness.

When I got a very stubborn diarrhea and the colonoscopy and other medical tests gave no results my medical doctors were helpless. With his test Dr. Debé diagnosed me with yeast infection of the digestive track. His natural medicines and supplements cured the disease.

After the bone density test detected some bone loss, he recommended the best quality of calcium plus highly effective supplement- “strontium”.

Last year I suffered some digestive problem and he sent me for “h. pylori” blood test. He was right again- the test was positive. After the necessary antibiotics, he effectively treated me with the natural supplement- “Ultra Flora Plus” – to restore my intestinal flora.

When my orthopedic doctor suggested just “Tylenol” for my hip pain caused by bursitis, Dr. Debé gave me herbal tablets which healed my hip in few weeks.

His knowledge of nutrition and anti-aging is amazing. Thanks to his powerful teaching and other recommended literature I learn more and more about healthy way of living and eating. Step by step I was able to get rid of my bad eating habits. Most essential for me was his help with my own vegetarian diet.

I am in my mid-sixties now and every time when in the medical doctor office I answer “No” to the entire long list of diseases, I know I owe a lot to Dr. Debé.

He is my primary and most caring health care practitioner.

Thank God for Dr. Debé!

Barbara Polakowski
Lloyd Harbor, N.Y.

Before I learned about Dr. Debé, my health was so bad, I looked into applying for disability. Even though I was ill nearly every day, I didn’t however qualify. 

I initially came to Dr. Debé with multiple symptoms including chronic migraine headaches, brain fogginess, chronic fatigue, polyphagia, overall physical weakness, easily winded, difficulty climbing stairs, all-over body stiffness, especially in the lower back, forgetfulness, overall hormonal imbalance and more. I was pretty bad off. The worse part was that I had gone from doctor to doctor but I was not getting a diagnosis. I was either given Prozac, which is BAAAAADDD stuff or given an appetite suppressant to treat the polyphagia. Nothing from traditional medical doctors was meeting my needs, but actually aggravating all of my symptoms.

Dr. Debé had me to go through a series of saliva tests. He diagnosed me as having weak adrenal function and the symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue. He prescribed functional medicine versus traditional drug medication. The Adapt vitamins are great in supporting my adrenal fatigue, as well as the ultra potent vitamin C. Krill oil has been a MIRACLE in suppressing the hormonal ups and downs of the menstrual cycle, especially for women approaching menopause when the hormonal cycle is irregular and can swing sharply.

Many of my most distressing symptoms are under control with still a few that need attention. Thanks to Dr. Debé and other holistic health practitioners, people with chronic health can have a brighter outlook on their health.

St. Paul, Minnesota

When I started with Dr. Debé, I was suffering from poor digestion. I was having bloating and pain after meals. I was tired a lot also. My focus was not good. I had an overall feeling of sickness. Dr. Debé did a series of tests on me, finding I had some imbalances: high blood sugar, low thyroid hormones, low cortisol, and high mercury levels. 

Dr. Debé took a lot of concern in developing a supplement and dietary program to combat these deficiencies. I started feeling better immediately.

When I had been retested, there was a marked change for the better. I was no longer diabetic. In a few months, all my symptoms were gone and I weaned off most of the supplements I had been taking I am a personal trainer and believe that what you put into life reflects what you get out. I was fortunate to have met Joe Debé. He has a wonderful work ethic and made it easy for me to accomplish my goals.

Ken LaGrega, Certified Personal Trainer
Smithtown, N.Y.

I have been a patient of Dr. Debé’s for more than a year and would just like to commend him for his patience and understanding but especially for his knowledge in the health and nutrition field.

I say this because I came to him with major neurological problems that involved my digestion and now for the first time in my life, I do not have gas or bloating and I realize that I am finally getting some benefit from the food that I eat.

He helped me change my diet which is the most important.

I had a bald spot in the middle of my head the size of a quarter now my hair is completely filled in and very thick.

I know it will take a while to completely heal, I believe that is very possible if I continue the program.

A very wise person once said that tomorrow's physicians will be nutritionists. I truly believe that.

Best wishes.


Thanks for helping me take the 15 pounds back off after my injury. It was easy for me to lose the weight because I wasn't hungry due to the combination of diet and supplements. You didn't give me a diet, you gave me a new way of life!

Randi Hertzberg
Children's Fitness Entertainer and Certified Aerobic Instructor

I am down 42 pounds and 9 inches in the waist. Dr. Debé’s testing showed I have lost all my weight in body fat, none from muscle. Thanks to the supplements that Dr. Debé gave me, I am now able to go into a supermarket without feeling the necessity to raid the cupcake boxes.


Dr. Debé’s program not only helped me lose 30 pounds, but my cholesterol dropped 103 points...and all in just three months!

Joseph Marcinek
Martial Artists Black Belt