An Introduction to Dr. Debé's Services

There is a new era dawning in healthcare from which everyone can benefit. For those who desire greater levels of health, we offer a program that is second to none. It has evolved from a synthesis of timeless holistic principles with cutting–edge science. It is designed to empower you to make the proper changes in your lifestyle to enhance recovery from illness. This new, proactive form of health promotion is also for everyone who is currently free of symptoms and desires optimum wellness and longevity.


Up until now, despite being more costly than any other medical system in the world, America has not had much of a health care system. What we do have is a disease management system. The current medical model basically asserts that a person is either well or sick. If you are sick, the treatment often involves taking a drug to turn off the symptoms, and then you are considered well again. If you get a headache, take a Tylenol to get rid of it, and your condition changes from sick to well. More serious conditions involve more invasive therapies, such as surgery. If you develop a tumor, a surgeon can change your health status from sick to healthy by cutting it out. Is the philosophy underlying this approach consistent with reality? No! The absence of symptoms or overt pathology does not equal health.


Although drugs and surgery do have a place in disease management, conventional medical philosophy often leads to an illusion of health. Millions of patients, both with and without symptoms, leave their yearly physical with "a clean bill of health." These people cannot be helped by conventional medicine because their state of health has not yet deteriorated to the point of resulting in a recognizable pattern of signs and symptoms and thus defies disease classification. Yet, these same individuals have suboptimal metabolic performance, which eventually leads to disease. By failing to recognize the continuum between health and disease, conventional medicine can do little to prevent disease and promote health improvement. Fortunately, there is a new approach to healthcare.



The Continuum Between Health and Disease

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Dr. Debé believes that a person is not simply either well or sick. "If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it" is a philosophy that should not be applied to the human body. Long before anything is obviously "broken" (disease), there is a process of dysfunction (poor function) occurring within the body and mind that may be present for quite some time before we become aware of it by the appearance of signs and symptoms. Left unchecked, dysfunction eventually culminates in degeneration and disease.


Dr. Debé employs methods to identify and correct dysfunction in the body before it progresses to disease.


Dr. Debé utilizes a variety of assessment tools to identify contributing factors to an individual’s state of health. The process begins by the patient filling out health history and symptom assessment forms. A holistic consultation and physical examination follow this. Finally, laboratory tests are often performed. Usually these are special, more functional tests such as digestive analysis, stress hormone measurement, and detoxification assessment.


You Have Control Over Your Health Destiny


Whereas conventional medical wisdom asserts that most illness is the result of factors beyond our control, such as genetics, microbes, and "disease", Dr. Debé’s belief is that the lifestyle choices we make, day in and day out, are the main determinants of our state of health. Genetic make–up determines predisposition to health and disease. However, genetic expression is greatly modified, for better or for worse, by a complex interplay of environmental and lifestyle factors. These factors, in general terms, are nutritional status, toxin exposure, mental–emotional stress levels, rest habits, and exercise patterns. To recover from chronic disease, or to achieve optimal health, requires an in–depth understanding of the individual's unique physiology, environment, and lifestyle habits. Once we identify and correct the various factors interfering with optimal genetic expression, the body’s innate healing wisdom is freed to work its “magic.”


A New Approach to Health and Healing


Unparalleled levels of well-being are now readily attainable thanks to a new approach to health, which is based upon the concept of physiological individuality; each person is unique and requires personalized treatment. We now have the technology to gain an understanding of the function of the body, right down to the subcellular level. Any dysfunction or imbalance identified can be corrected by way of individualized therapeutic recommendations in the areas of diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, stress reduction, and other lifestyle modifications and natural therapies. We are thereby able to enhance the body’s metabolic performance, restoring optimal function and improving health.


The foundation of this approach is the integration of a new class of laboratory tests with personalized lifestyle modification and natural therapies. These new evaluation procedures, by "asking a different question", provide insight into the functional integrity of the individual’s physiology. Now, we can take action to improve metabolic performance. The benefits of using such an approach are not only disease prevention and health enhancement, but also slowing, even reversing of the aging process. This is all accomplished through natural methods,without toxic side effects.


A Program will be Designed to Help You Reach Your Health Goals


With your personal health goals in mind, and the data from these various evaluation procedures, Dr. Debé then devises a treatment strategy. The options are numerous and the program is very flexible. Each individual’s program is customized based upon his or her health goals, unique physiology, genetic proclivities, and other personal factors. This safe, natural program can be implemented to whatever extent you desire, at your own pace. Should you invest in your health even if you are free of symptoms? Absolutely! The right actions taken now can pay dividends in the future in the form of prolonged lifespan and healthspan. In other words, you can expect to live longer, feel better, look younger, and enjoy a better quality of life. With this approach you can expect to experience more restful sleep, greater levels of energy and vitality, improved concentration and mood, and more rapid recovery from injury. Ultimately, you decide what steps you are willing to take in furthering your health. Whatever your health goals are, we are here to support you in their attainment.


Treatment involves use of natural therapies and personalized health and lifestyle education. Bit by bit, clients are coached on lifestyle changes that will improve their health. This is accomplished by way of in–office consultation with Dr. Debé and by materials the client uses at home. Personalized health education is facilitated by way of Dr. Debé's other website:, which has the feature of customizable content. Dr. Debé also offers personalized D.V.D.s for patients. These include a variety of information, such as lab test results, video presentations explaining what is going on inside the patient's body, personalized dietary recommendations, and targeted articles, audio interviews and videos!


Periodic re–evaluations are used by Dr. Debé to monitor your progress and to fine-tune your program.


Whether you have a serious illness or are feeling fine, Dr. Debé can help you achieve greater states of well–being. Dr. Debé routinely refers to other medical specialists when needed and his strategies can always bolster the effectiveness of conventional medical therapies.


If it makes sense to you that your daily lifestyle choices influence your vitality and healing ability, and you are ready to take responsibility for your own health, then this approach is for you!